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Discover The Best Fit Grant For Your Business

At Chriplink, we specialize in helping businesses navigate the complex grants in Canada to find and apply for the best opportunities. Our expert team evaluates your business needs, aligns them with available grants, and manages the application process as your representative, ensuring you maximize your chances for success. Start unlocking potential funding today by filling out our form to learn how we can help propel your business forward.

Canada Digital Adoption Plan (CDAP)

Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)

  1. Establishing an online presence, enabling them to get online and connect with customers.

  2. Boosting sales by improving social media marketing and enhancing the user experience for online customers.

  3. Enhancing cybersecurity measures by adopting security software, ensuring a secure environment for conducting online business transactions.

CanExport Grant

CanExpert SMEs

  1. Promotes trade diversification: CanExport SMEs helps Canadian companies expand into new international markets.

  2. Focuses on existing products/services: It supports export marketing activities for existing offerings, excluding new product development.

  3. Supports up to 5 international markets: Companies can explore and establish a presence in multiple markets to accelerate growth.

Digital Transformation Grant (DTC) Ontario

Digital Transformal Grant (DTG)

  1. Supports small businesses: The Digital Transformation Grant (DTG) program assists brick-and-mortar small businesses.

  2. Focuses on technology adoption: It offers training, advisory support, and grants to help businesses increase their capacity through digital transformation.

  3. Aims to boost competitiveness: By embracing technology, businesses can enhance their operations and stay competitive in the digital age.

The Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund

1. Promote R&D investment: Encourage businesses to invest in R&D activities leading to new products, processes, and services.
2. Accelerate business growth: Support the growth and expansion of innovative businesses across Canada.
3. Attract investments: Attract and retain large-scale investments to Canada.
4. Foster collaboration: Advance collaboration networks between private sector, research institutions, and non-profits in emerging technology sectors and industrial R&D.

Grants for Small Business 

If you're a small business in Canada looking for grants or funds to grow your business, you can contact us for grant consulting. Our consultants will tailor the best solution for your situation.

Some grants close quickly as funds are limited, so if you have the initiative to grow your business, don't miss the opportunity to get support!

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